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About Our Work

Driven by Passion & Experience

Our passion to innovate has always delivered maximum results to our clients. Our high-end applications are tailor made to suit every clients’ individual and specific needs. Be it Consulting, Infrastructure technology and Web Development or Applications and apps to outsourcing services and plain hard-core digital strategies to take on your markets; we are there. Each strategy, every product and service is fine tuned to optimise results.

Passion - To Innovate and Deliver

Integrity - To perform with Integrity and give our best

Resourceful - Be able to network globally and product optimized solutions

Accountable - We are accountable for each and every action of ours

Creative Process

Future Consumer drives our next innovation

With business architecture changing rapidly since the last one decade and with the future being uncertain thanks to fast changing technologies, a smart company is that which adapts, is agile and understands the customer. It is here that we are one step ahead. We are a future driven digital agency providing our clients with architecture guidance, full-service application development, including strategy, design, development and maintenance, integration and implementation. Our ability to understand the market and offer solutions is what makes us the ideal partner for your growth.

We see the Future Today

Wealth of research at our finger tips

We are driven by Research

Content is king and we know how to develop it


Bridging Nations with affordable solutions. Always

Whether a client’s project needs highly skilled personnel working in India or at your site or fulltime or project based, we have the experience and domain expertise of combining offshore and onsite operations based on the client’s specific needs. We have been instrumental in building a solid IT infrastructure in Scandinavia by guiding companies in various spheres to build solid applications by engaging highly skilled professionals and affordable resources from India. All our clients have immensely benefited from our resource pool drawn from India and Denmark thereby making it a Win-Win situation for all

Creating a Digital World that makes a mindful impact

Creating Solutions that work

We produce world class IT Engineers

To know us, read our case studies

Our Business

Our Experiences

At Workstellar we understand that to add value to a client’s business we need to be ready to offer end to end business solutions so that long lasting partnerships are formed based on trust and transparency. We have been in this market since a long time and it gives us a tremendous advantage to understand, deliver and be future ready. Our product offerings are all encompassing and we are ready to walk with you on your path to progress

Web Applications

Be it web engineering, web design, web content development, e-commerce development or Mobile apps, at Workstellar we have the expertise and global resources to give our clients the best. Cutting-edge technologies, global resources and strategies are the hallmark of our entire gamut of services in Web Development.


We build solid online businesses on Magento. SEO, Data Analytics, catalog management tools and much more, make sure that every business, right from a small to a medium to big business have full control on their businesses. A big part of our business is to build, market and maintain web shops for our e-commerce partners.

Mobile Application

With people doing business and accessing data and information from the laptop to a tablet and a phone, seamless integration and faster platforms are the norm of the day. Be it cross device or cross operating systems, we build market moving hybrid and native applications for businesses and consumers.

Devops And
Cloud Services

Workstellar provides Devop and Cloud services with the best tools available thanks to its global resources and network. By using these tools and resources we make sure that our clients not only gain from excellent cloud environments but also get enhanced security, faster performances and tremendous ROI

Internet of Things

In the era, where enterprises, businesses and people stay connected not only with each other but also with other devices it is essential to have IoT applications that ensure smoother, enhanced experiences and those that can transform businesses.

What We Do

Our Business

We are Workstellar, a digital technology agency, based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Chennai in India. We advise companies on digital based strategies and innovations providing full-service application development, information architecture, design, development & maintenance. Combining our solid cross-domain experience and technology expertise, we deliver high-end applications tailor made to client specific needs. Our competency lies in understanding the client needs and adding value by focusing on developing technology based strategies and implementing them in a process driven environment through a highly evolved methodology.

Benefits that are significant and tangible

Proactive to your environment and your industry

We are transparent and Process driven

The Best Professional team

Academic in thought. Razor sharp in approach

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