Decorate Shop

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Decorate Shop

Webshops or E-commerce portals are expected to be fast, smooth and seamless and also provide a good experience to the user. Not only the interface but the backend has to be immensely fast and have the necessary infrastructure to make it successful.

Webshops are expected to be fast, smooth and seamless

For Decorate Shop, we did just that.

For a company that is a major retail brand selling everything online and offline -right from designer furniture to the latest in interior designs -it was essential that the structure and processes were robust and stable.

We collaborated with Futuread and redesigned & developed an holistic Webshop. Using Magento Backend, we deployed new configurations and plugins which meant redoing the entire database driven sections like product orders, shipping, product filters, lead capture forms, reviews, deliveries, payment methods, shipping methods and a whole lot more.

Integrating Sweet Tooth was used as the Online Reward programme. Various reward rules for different actions, integrating the plugin, creating various rules based on the specific needs were created to make this webshop efficient.

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