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When a topnotch speciality sports biggy,Supstop, wants a webshop that caters to niche products like Surfboards and Sups to cater to their high networth customers, they can’t leave anything to chance. Right from the front end user experience to backend support for easy, efficient and smooth transactions, the webshop had to be a happy experience. Since Supstop wanted to ship the same day as the order placement, we had to ensure that integration and processing was fast and errorless.

By using Magento 2.1.1, we built a robust webshop by implementing a multistore multishop. Be it MGS panel for eay frontend editing; or the integration of Odoo Stock management and stock transfer to the integration of their accounting software FIKEN to providing a shipping solution Workstellar created an experience that provided Custom Product Options and solutions to make it an enriching experience.