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Digital Transformation

Web Development

Be it web engineering, web design, web content development, e-commerce development or Mobile apps, at Workstellar we have the expertise and global resources to give our clients the best. Cutting-edge technologies, global resources and strategies are the hallmark of our entire gamut of services in Web Development.
At Workstellar we have the expertise to offer meaningful and insightful digital strategies, fine-tuned to make your business grow. While technology is important, the ability to make the technology work differently for each client is what makes us unique.

Convenience of Mobile

Mobile Applications

With people doing business and accessing data and information from the laptop to a tablet and a phone, seamless integration and faster platforms are the norm of the day. Be it cross device or cross operating systems, we build market moving hybrid and native applications for businesses and consumers. Our team’s competencies in various platforms like Native Android, Native IOS, React Native, Flutter, Javascript, Java, PHP, Python, HTML etc, makes us give the right platforms to our customers and we only keep adding more.

Cloud Computing

Devops and Cloud Services

Workstellar provides Devop and Cloud services with the best tools available thanks to its global resources and network. By using these tools and resources we make sure that our clients not only gain from excellent cloud environments but also get enhanced security, faster performances and tremendous ROI

Connected Devices

Internet of Things

In the era, where enterprises, businesses and people stay connected not only with each other but also with other devices it is essential to have IoT applications that ensure smoother, enhanced experiences and those that can transform businesses. We harness the power of the internet with smarter applications ranging from the security to the home automation to industrial IoT that can deliver more and faster and at the same time make a positive impact on the business.

Online Business

E-Commerce Portals

We build solid online businesses on Magento. SEO, Data Analytics, catalog management tools and much more, make sure that every business, right from a small to a medium to big business have full control on their businesses. A big part of our business is to build, market and maintain web shops for our e-commerce partners.